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Doreen Reeve is an authorized Certified Homeopath and Naturopath, Qualified Remedial Therapist, Applied Physiologist, Qualified Masseuse, Facilitator of "3 in 1" Concepts, Certified Practitioner of the L.E.A.P Program (Learning Enhancement Advance Program), Bowen Therapist and holding a Certificate of Neurostructural Integration Technique, Doreen is fully accredited by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

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Doreen knows the uniqueness of each person and their specific requirements. The wonders of Kinesiology for the soul and mind Treating successfully for 33 years Muscle testing Truly gentle, holistic and secure techniques Amending various imbalances in the body

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Doreen is an International Specialised Kinesiologist. She has protracted experience and knowledge in vibrational medicine over 33 years. The prime thing she will check is for any probable allergies coming from specific types of foods or medical prescription drugs to make certain they are not the fundamental cause of numerous illnesses. She believes that with her appropriate treatment she can restore optimum health to all individuals irrespective of their medical and age background.

Being one of the finest naturopathic practitioners, She is also amorous about all the clever medical doctors 200 years ago who practiced Homeopathy and all the Homeopathic Hospitals throughout the planet where they practiced endlessly.

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She has pursued extensional training in her particular regions of interest.


Doreen Reeve is a Qualified Remedial Therapist as well as a Certified Practitioner of the L.E.A.P Program.

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Doreen Reeve is a licensed best homeopathic doctor based in Mount Gambier.

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